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Corporate Social Responsibility


실패를 경험한 중소기업인에게
▪새로운 도전의지와 자신감 부여
▪실질적 재창업 Process 통합 지원
▪폭 넓은 인적 Network 구축
▪제도적 지원 유도 및 정책 반영

Major History

연혁 표
2014. 02. ROK Baekgang Forum Agreement
2013. 09. SMBA legislates law to support failed entrepreneurs make comebacks
2013. 02. Receives "Healing Program" authorization from Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA, Korea)
2011. 11. The foundation holds first healing camp.
2011. 09. The foundation 'Revitalization Camp for Strained Entrepreneurs' is established.

Training to aid failed entrepreneurs

▪ Course

  • Enterpreneur Healing Camp (4wks) : 13th
  • Small busines revitalization Healing Camp (2wks): 2nd
  • Enterpreneurs’ Crisis Management Healing Camp (2wks): 2nd

▪ Subjects

  • Entreprenuers of failed Small and medium-sized businesses / enterprises(SMEs) seeking aid and comeback.
  • Individuals seeking new challenge, start new life, and new motivation

Completion : 287 in total, Start again : about 100 (As of Mar. 2015)

Start-up Again Support Programs

  • Assist in rediscovering lost technologies, patents to come up with viable business items/plans Provide support in turning business items/plans into businesses
  • Develop and provide seminars, discussions and consulting for start-ups

▪ Achievements

  • Periodic meetings held by region (Seoul metropolitan area, Mid district, Sothern district)
  • Hold Challenge Again & Hope symposium
  • Introduce and connect investors : Posco, Asan Foundation
  • Established relevant support network : ‘Hope Tree Plus’ & ‘Heomilcheongwon’
  • Announcement rally held to share successful starup experience (Dec. 2013)