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CEO Greeting

CEO’s greetings

MS Group history begins in 1974, with the foundation of a high pressure gas manufacturing company in Busan, Korea. With more than 40 years of commitment to gas and gas equipment component engineering, MS Group has grown to become a gas complex center with nine corporate bodies spread throughout Korea.

MS Group handles diverse gas products (general industrial gases, speciality gases, LPG) and employees work with pride that MS Group is a well-established, reputable company in Korea.
MS Group is in a continous pursuit to introduce high value-added products and diversify its products in ultra-high purity gases, gas mixtures, semi-conductor gases, medical gases, etc.

MS Group has excellent engineering, manufacturing, inspection capabilities and expertise in gas tanks (including containers) and relevant product components. MS Group also exports gas plants abroad.

To diversify and expand MS Group business portofolio, Bofeel Ltd. is established in 2006 to provide healthcare and care products for growing senior citizen population in Korea.
Furthermore, in response to industrial advances and changing consumer needs,
MS Materials, which specializes in CMP semiconductor materials, is developing and productizing new gas products that can be used in medical industry, precision industry, and semiconductor industry.
MS Group also created MS Unichem to expand the business area to cover fine chemicals.
MS Unichem is to develop and manufacture products to be used in electronics, OLED, cosmetics, and pesticides.

As part of MS Group CSR activities, MS Group has created foundation Jaegi: Revitalization Center for Strained Entrepreneurs where failed entrepreneurs can seek in-depth trainings and supports for their comeback efforts to society.

Dear Customers,
MS Group sees serving customers as vital and foremost component of management:
MS Group work tirelessly to challenge conventional thinking, evolve MS Group business and stay ahead of customers' changing needs. In doing so, MS Group aim to realize the core values such as safety, customers first, and CSR activities in every business transaction.

Thank you.

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